Abby Turner



Abby Turner


About Me


Some basic facts about me:

  • I am, of course, a lesbian.
  • I was born in Boston in1952. The only girl in a family of five.
  • Happily married since 1987.
  • I have lived in Manhattan and in western Massachusetts, so I know what both city and rural life can be like for queer people.
  • I love to read; go to museums, the ocean, the theatre; play with the cats, and explore both urban and rural life.
  • I coach older lesbians because I like people like us. I want you to get the most out of your life.




I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where I studied art history and contemporary art graduating in 1975.

I read extensively in a wide variety of subjects. I am highly curious and have self-trained in coaching as well as training with coaching organizations and mentors. One of my special interests is in social psychology and the study of why and how people make changes in their lives.

I have had a colorful and varied career. I enjoyed and learned from it all.

Employment: Sotheby’s, the International Spy Museum, high end residential interior design in NYC, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Design, the Dia Art Foundation, contemporary art galleries in Soho, and 9 years as a psychotherapist. I have been a coach for 5 years for a social service agency in western Massachusetts and worked at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Professional training and education: BA in art history from Sarah Lawrence, RSM for 3 year professional training in body-centered psychotherapy at the Rubenfeld Synergy Center, 1 year training by Mentor Coach, staff and student at the Sexual Abuse Treatment and Training Institute, 4 years being mentored by 3 coaches, many other professional trainings to stay fresh and abreast of the latest ideas and techniques in the field.