Abby Turner



Abby Turner


How Coaching Works


Change. We don’t undertake major change lightly. We are most successful in taking on a significant change in our lives when we are truly committed to the goals, the methods, and the underlying values. Once everything is in alignment with who you are, you will be motivated to use your individual strengths to move forward. Coaching provides the structure, support, feedback, learning, and accountability to manage your most important challenges.

While coaches don’t work directly with emotions the way therapists do, as you take active steps toward your goals, you will find changes in your emotional life. More satisfaction comes with greater achievement. Less frustration, emptiness, anxiety, sadness.

My approach to coaching is informed by the extensive research of social and positive psychologists who have determined what is actually effective. I love basing my work on research. And I wouldn’t want to encourage you to use methods that are unlikely to work to achieve your goals.

Together we will lift the barriers that have been blocking you from achieving your goals. You will be able to focus more and stay committed longer.

How long does coaching take? There are many factors that determine this. How complicated is the project? What are the stumbling blocks? We will assess your goals and see what is right and realistic for you. With persistence and time, goals are generally achieved. But guessing a timeframe is not something that can be known in advance. Give it at least 3 to 6 months working on a weekly basis.