Abby Turner



Abby Turner


Why Lesbian Seniors Need Coaching


As members of the Stonewall Generation, we have been winging it since we were young lesbians in a frequently hostile world. We were pioneers exploring how we wanted to live as sometimes out lesbians. Now, as the vanguard of the gray rainbow, we are investigating retirement which presents problems of ageing. Some of us are doing it alone, some in couples, and some of us will do it with the help of life coaches.

People are no longer retiring, living a few years, and then dying as they did a century ago. Our lives are unprecedentedly long, and we are clueless. How do we negotiate these long years and the particular issues we may face as lesbians?

SAGE also reports that for 80% of straight seniors, long-term care is provided by family. LGBTQ people are half as likely to have help from our family of origin.

We are twice as likely to be single.

We are three times more likely to be childless.

And lesbian couples are twice as likely to be poor.

So LGBTQ people depend on each other as we get older.

Well, we kind of knew this, but there it is from a SAGE report. So, now what do we do with it?

We make intelligent plans to make the best of our strengths and our resources and minimize the potential for conflicts and failure. We work as individuals and in various ways as community. Looking back on the challenges the queer community has taken on, I think there is reason for optimism. Coaching can help with this.